Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Oregon Ducks BCS Championship Uniforms

In an article from Fox 12 Oregon, the Oregon Ducks chosen uniforms for the BCS National Championship game were unveiled in Arlington, Texas and the Cowboy Stadium.

"The Oregon Ducks will be sporting new, high-tech uniforms for the BCS Championship Game and fans are now getting their first glimpse at what the Ducks will be wearing."

The Ducks choice to wear such bold uniforms gained them much publicity and media prior to the big game. Although some may argue that the color schemes and style of the uniforms seem atrocious, nothing but economic positives can come from choosing to wear such wild uniforms. After unveiling that Oregon would be wearing white pants and white jerseys outlined in neon yellow on Tuesday in Arlington, one thing was certain. The Ducks would stand out. Nike, along with designer Todd Van Horne concluded that the uniforms provide better breathability and improved padding in the knees and hips. Oregon already has the reputation as being the fastest team in the country, such statements by Nike only reinforce Oregon's speedy reputation. In the future, high school and colleges alike may turn to Nike to produce a uniform that offers them an advantage on the football field. Advantages in football mean more wins, publicity, and revenue from avid fans. Also, in a society so dominated by standing out as an individual, children, teens and adults may turn to nike for such bold outfits. In turn, increasing the number of good sold. A combination of technological advancements along with bold colors and modern fashion continue to propel Nike as the premier maker of sports apparel and equipment.


  1. As a prospective college student, does the added notoriety that Oregon gets from wearing such bold colors have any affect on whether or not you would want to attend?

    Do you think Nike is charging Oregon for these uniforms?

  2. What technological advances improve the performance of the Oregon athlete? Did Oregon have a contract with Nike before this?

  3. I've heard from a few different people that one of the chief executives inide Nike is is an Oregon alumni. If that's true I would think that Nike might waive the fee for making the uniforms. I'm also curious if Nike has a contract with Oregon, since Oregon always seems to have different uniforms.

  4. No, I would not want to attend Oregon. Although their football team had a successful season and cool uniforms, this would not be a deciding factor on whether or not I would attend the University. Also, Oregon's climate is not suitable for someone like myself.

    I do not believe Nike is charging Oregon for the uniforms considering the founder of Nike is an Oregon Alum.

  5. The new uniforms have many technological advances. They have increased padding in the knees which in turn allows the players to wear less padding without being weighed down by bulky pads. Also, the fabric ensure breathability which decreases the amount the players sweat. While Oregon does not have a contract with Nike, it helps that the founder and CEO of Nike is an alumni of Oregon. Phil Knight(CEO Nike) donates and makes sure Oregon always has the latest and greatest gear.

  6. To Kern
    No, Oregon's notoriety that it gets from wearing bold colors would not influence my decision to attend that university as a regular student. When I think of Oregon, I think of Nike. Because the founder of Nike is an alum of Oregon and because Nike is based out of a nearby city, he supplies the school and its athletics with Nike products and Oregon is basically doing much of Nike's advertising for free. But if I were a college athlete chosing schools to play a sport, I might consider Oregon because of the cool, high tech Nike stuff the players get for free. Not only is it free, but they are the first to get it.

  7. Since Oregon's uniforms in the BCS bowl game had such a big impact on the public, it increased sales in Nike which is good for them, but bad for other brands like Adidas or Under Armor. These brands lost some of their customers because they either liked Oregon's new uniforms or they liked the fact that they stood out so much and had a positive effect on the player's performance. More schools and clubs might want their players wearing Nike to improve their performance to win.

    I agree with what Tyler said about being a college athlete. Since Oregon recieved the new and improved gear that might be a factor in choosing which college I want to go to.