Sunday, January 16, 2011

Coaching on The Ultimate Fighter: Good or Bad for Fighter's Career?

The Ultimate fighter is the most popular MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) program on television. It is a must watch for any MMA fan. Most people would think that being a coach of one of the teams on The Ultimate Fighter is a dream come true, but in an article by they make a point that coaching on MMA's top TV show may not be such a career boost for some of MMA's top professionals. For those of you who aren't familiar with the show, The Ultimate fighter is a TV series in which two professional UFC fighters coach two different teams made up of amateur fighters from around the world. There is one fight each week between a fighter from each team until there is only one fighter standing. The winner is offered a professional contract. Most fighters would take this job if they needed to try and expand their fan base. The show would give the fighters tons of exposure and allow them to run ads to sell a lot of their products, as well as advertise themselves or the gym they train out of. That works out really well since a lot of professional fighters are also entrepreneurs. The only problem is if you're already a huge star in the MMA world, why would you take this job? Brock Lesnar has been announced as one of the coaches in the upcoming new season of The Ultimate Fighter, and in this article from they discuss whether or not that is beneficial to Lesnar's career. He is the biggest star in the MMA universe and it is somewhat puzzling why he would take this job. The coaching slots on the show are scarce, and that is why they are in such high demand by so many fighters, but why would Lesnar take this job? There are tons of other fighters who need the exposure to help grow their fan base and make some more money, but Lesnar really couldn't get more popular. The opportunity cost for him taking this job is that he's losing much needed training time, especially since he lost his heavyweight title just months ago. Also the show could possibly hurt a fighter's fan base if the have a huge ego or a bad attitude. But the thing about the MMA business is that any exposure is good exposure and I completely agree with this article, in that being a coach on the Ultimate fighter is a great career move for Brock Lesnar. One of the most hated fighters to ever coach on the show, Josh Koscheck said it best,

"Love me or hate me, you're watching me, Once you stop caring is when I have a reason to worry."
Lesnar will no doubt make more money, as will Spike TV, and the UFC brand. Brock is the UFC's biggest star and the UFC definitely benefits anytime Brock Lesnar gets any exposure. In my opinion Brock will still have plenty of time to train, and will benefit greatly from the exposure he will receive while coaching on The Ultimate Fighter.


  1. Going along with what Curt said, Lesnar taking the job will only benefit him. Lesnar is a man that has accomplished everything in the MMA world. Coaching and recieving tons of publicity could do no harm to Lesnar's career. My question for curt is will Lesnar be living on the site of the ultimate fighter and how much time will he be taking off to film the show?

  2. If memory serves me correct, didn't Lesnar have serious health issues in the past year?

    Why do you think MMA originally created the Ultimate Fighter series.

  3. None of the coaches live on the site of the show. They just take time off during the day to go train their team. They don't really lose much training time, but I'm sure they do lose some.

  4. Smith: Yes Lesnar had some serious health problems earlier last year, he's since completely recovered, and UFC created the Ultimate Fighter series to help raise awareness of the sport. When the show first aired MMA was a very under the radar sport. No one really knew much about the sport, but after the first season, and after the season finale of the first season, in which one of the greatest MMA fights of all time took place, MMA's popularity skyrocketed.