Thursday, February 10, 2011

Verizon and the iPhone

In an article from CNN, Verizon selling the iPhone is discussed. It seems that although Verizon carrying the iPhone has been long waited, not very many people are buying the phone. In the past, when Apple releases new products, thousands line up and even sleep outside just to ensure that they are able to purchase the product. As of today, it was nearly impossible to find a store with a wait to buy the iPhone. In my opinion, this could be because of many factors. One, Verizon is known for smart phones having problems on their network. Nobody wants to go out and spend hundred of dollars on a phone that cant be supported by the network. Also, in the this economy, people don't just have hundreds of dollars sitting around to buy a new phone. Verizon's poor sales of the iPhone will create a surplus of unsold phones. I expect the price to drop in the near future.


  1. Do you think the potential of an iPhone5 in June has any affect on the current demand?

  2. Another reason that Verizon may not have sold many Iphone's is because most customers switched to AT&T when the first Iphone came out so they already have it. As Kern said, most people are probably holding out for the Iphone 5. Many buyers probably see it as, "I've waited this long for the Iphone, what's a few more months?"