Friday, March 4, 2011

The iPad 2 Means Business

Commercial photographer Chase Jarvis once said that "the best camera is the one that's with you." He was referring to the recent influx of camera phones (more specifically the iPhone) and their increasing prominence in everyday life.
When the iPad was released in April of 2010, many saw it as an underpowered laptop, even a "giant iTouch." Its potential uses were overlooked by some. But Apple sold three million of the devices in 80 days, and both consumers and businesses began to explore the possibilities of the innovative product. It wasn't until the release of the iPad 2 yesterday, though, that Apple included a camera. This is a feature that many thought should have been a staple of the original, while others view it as an unnecessary add-on mainly due to the size of the device. The new camera(s) will undoubtedly receive a warm welcome from consumers looking for a quick way to capture the events of everyday life and from those looking to "FaceTime" with friends and family. But Fast Company discusses how businesses will be able to utilize the camera in conjunction with its other features to better themselves. They see benefits for everyone from interior designers to casino pit bosses. People will save time by being able to take a picture and do what they want with it straight from the original device, skipping several steps in between, and then have the ability to use the iPad in the manner that they did before the introduction of the camera.
Apple has continued to sell products like these because they pay attention to customer demand. Consumers asked for new features on the iPad like the camera (among other things), and Apple listened. Many people who lacked a reason to buy an iPad now have one, and those who have used the original product will more than likely pony up the cash for the better one.


  1. What are some real life uses you can foresee? Do you think this will open up whole new market in the app field? Do you know if the picture quality will be better than on the iPhone and if so do you think we'll start to see more soccer moms on the sidelines taking high res. shots with their iPad 2?

  2. What do you foresee happening to the camera industry? What will become of cameras when these camera-phones become as advanced as we need. Do you think we will have a camera on a phone as advanced as the Rebel Series by Cannon? (LOLZ)