Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Journey to Mars and Jupiter

In an article released by Fox News on Monday,NASA released that it would be journeying to Mars if it can afford it. In an article titled "Visions and Voyages for Planetary Science in the Decade 2013-2022" the need for planetary exploration is highly needed. The expedition to Mars would be to observe if any forms of life are inhabiting the planet. The Jupiter mission would be to observe the moon Europa's underground ocean. For NASA, the trip to Mars is its top priority. At the moment they currently do not have a budget for 2011 year. The trip is estimated to cost 3.5 billion dollars. However, a committee at Cornell University stresses that the maximum amount NASA can spend on this project is about 1 billion less the original projection. At this moment in time, I do not feel that it is economically viable for NASA to fund the trip. For years we've all been wondering whether or not Mars inhabited life. Hopefully these trips can help answer the question. But at the moment we have the technology on Earth but on Mars the technology would suffer severe limitations. Rather than rushing the exploratory trip and spending billions, wait several years and let the technology advance so that once we make the trip the fundamental question could be answered.


  1. You have a good point. What happens when we realize that nothing we have now can sustain the climate on Mars. And also with the huge budget cuts, I do not see it affordable under any circumstance to pull this through. NASA is a government corporation and we have already dug ourselves in a pretty big hole. Nothing about this seems logical at all for the time being.

  2. I think that this is amazing that we are finally going to be able to go to Mars. I think it will be an amazing advancement in science and allow us to be able to explore a planet that people have only been able to dream about visiting. But is now the best time for us to planning a trip. With all of the debt in the United States is spending billions of dollars for a trip that would take 10 years to even get there really worth it? I think that NASA should keep sending robots until a better time when our national debt isn't so immensely large.