Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Minecraft for the iPhone and iPad!

According to techshout.com a version of Minecraft, the year's best indie game at the GDC Awards (game developers choice awards), will be available on the Apple iPhone and iPad as well as Android later this year. Minecraft offers gamers a genesis-esque play God game. The games popularity and success has grossed at over 15 million dollars.

"The iOS variant is not expected to get each and every update that the original browser and download version receives. It will obviously be built to leverage the touch screen features on the iPhone or iPad, like most apps and games which his the iTunes store."

Could this pose a threat to the Apple products if the Android platform allows for users to access Minecraft more easily? I would say no, most of the time the Apple app product is pretty sophisticated, if Mojang and Minecraft were smart they would create a version that is specific to the Apple products that enables users maximum pleasure. Minecraft has sort of swept the gaming world.... I've never played a game on my computer, but I failed to resist downloading Minecraft. Will there be a free version of the game on these new platforms like you can download on your personal computer or will this new breach into success be purely profit and somewhat lose sight of what gamers really love about this game. The game is so simple, you build, you break, and you kill... most of the time I'm being killed by creepers and skeletons with bows and arrows. To the gaming world, Minecraft is sort of back to the basics, it's like Pong for 2011.


  1. I think that Minecraft will kepp it pretty simple on the iPhone. The people that created the game seem to know what gamers like, and they'll probably stick to what has been working. I think they should produce the game for all the touch screen smartphones. I think it would definitely maximize their profit.

  2. I think that Minecraft will continue to do well, but not to the extent that it will be as popular on other platforms as the computer. Minecraft was originally just an indie sleeper game that surprisingly blew up. It was never really intended to have gotten this big, so I would temper my excitement about it on other platforms. Besides, the game isn't even done yet technically.

  3. To Easton:

    "Besides, the game isn't even done yet technically."

    With games today there is no such thing as "done". Think of how many updates are available for not only Minecraft but also huge games such as WoW and Halo. The great thing about Minecraft that keeps consumers attracted is the fact that it's never "done". Gamers are always looking for the next update and Minecraft has the ability to do so.