Tuesday, March 29, 2011

NFL Lockout

In a series of articles written by nfllockout.com, the lockout taking place in the NFL is discussed. We've all seen and heard the reports over the last couple weeks. Although the players and owners have been working diligently to solve this issue, they have not really accomplished anything. If the issue is not solved soon, the NFL, players and workers could see a serious economic downfall in the future. The NFL employs over 100,000 employees nationwide. With the lockout taking place, people are not able to work and essentially get paid. On average, a single game generates 20 million dollars for the local economy. This could cause a decline in restaurants and bars that thrive gameday. And lastly, the general public has paid nearly 7 billion dollars toward the construction of stadiums to host the venue. Without NFL games being played in these stadiums and no money stimulating the local economies, our tax dollars that helped fund these stadiums would go to waste. If the owners and players do not reach an agreement soon, the NFL is jeopardizing losing a major fan base and incredible amounts of money.


  1. I completely agree with you Payne. I can't see really anything good coming out of this lockout. The owners will love it since they won't be losing any money, since they odn't have to worry about using the stadiums nearly as much. It will kill the local economy of a lot of the smaller towns like Green Bay that field an NFL football team. They rely heavily on football games to stimulate their local economy. Without an NFL season they might experience a serious dip in their local economy.

  2. I also agree, I don't see how this is benefitting anyone except if the players get more money in the end. I don't see how it will be worth it because if they have to sit out this season then everyone would be losing money except for the owners like Curt said. This will also affect all the surrounding restaurants and hotels that people use to come to each game. I can see this lockout take a big toll on our economy, especially since we are starting to get out of a recession.

  3. I absolutely agree with this. This isn’t helping our economy at all this is making it worse if you ask me. I also agree with Sarah in that if this keeps happening then the restaurants and bars will lose a lot of money because people love to go to there to watch the games since most people don’t have tickets. In my opinion the players are the one destroying the economy since they think it’s all about them and that the more money they have the happier they will be. If the lockout becomes a long-term thing then the demand for football tickets will probably go down because it won’t be worth it anymore and it’s not fair to the places that rely on football to make money. I think the players should grow up, take the money they can get which is still a lot and play football and stop being big babies about this whole situation.