Sunday, April 10, 2011

Apple has Weaknesses?

An article from takes a look at Apple's three biggest weaknesses. The first one being the fact that Apple hasn't taken full advantage of the Cloud network. Some Apple products still require a chord, and still need to be hooked up to a PC to update or sync. Apple could really take control of the market if people were able to sync their iPhones and iPods without having to be hooked up to a PC. This could do some serious damage to the sales of PC's since people wouldn't really need them to use any of their Apple products. The second weakness being that Apple doesn't do great job integrating social networking into their mobile devices. They have a few apps, but if they could make the social networking aspect more accessible, then that could seriously boost sales. People right now love all of the social networking sites, and the more of that that Apple can include in their phones, the more people will want to buy them. Apple is coming out with a new operating system that could seriously help in this department. The last weakness being how lackluster Apple TV has been so far. Apple TV hasn't really made any noise since it's release. If Apple could take control of the living room, then they would have control of almost every form of entertainment available. Apple TV is by far their weakest product, but if they can somehow offer an in depth on demand service, or something of that nature, then Apple just might be able to take control of the television market. Apple never settles for second best and I'm sure that they will find a way to increase their numbers in the living room.


  1. I'm pretty sure Apple has a plan to create their own Cloud servers. I'm not completely sure but a couple of months ago they hired some ex military defense coordinator to be head of security, or something along those lines. So at the moment those are their biggest weaknesses. Apple TV doesn't really affect them or hurt them to the point of shutting it down. I think it was just to put their hand in that area of the market to test and predict what could be their next big product. But that's all speculation of course.

  2. I agree with you Garrett. Especially on tge Apple TV project. I don't think that that will have any sort of effect on whether or not Apple stays around. I wouldn't even consider Apple TV a weakness. It was just Apple's attempt to branch into another market.

  3. I agree apple definitely has their weaknesses as well as strengths. Their strengths being able to mass-produce big ticket items at a constantly increasing rate. As for weaknesses I know from experience that them getting on to the idea of the cloud would increase there status and profit. As I recently lost all of my information stored in my phone because of a faulty sync, when I went home with a new phone expecting it to sync and be just like the last I was unpleasantly surprised when the man at the store said it could not be restored because there was not a cloud backing it up, and they erased my old phone. If they could take that step that would be one more thing they would also or have over PCs, and a way to be ahead of the competition. They are already a preferred luxury expense this would just secure their costumers it is all worth the money. As for the Apple TV I think it’s a very true statement to say it did not have a come back or “big hit” after it was introduced. Just like everything apple it needs updating and revising. Nearly months after the first IPad came out the second one was on its way, but not with Apple TV. I do believe that is Apple takes over the TV industry they would have their last key idea. Music and computers are there big sellers but like most things they come in threes and this might be Apples way of controlling all three.