Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Making the Best From the Worst

As many of you know Nate Dogg the famous rapper/singer passed away earlier this month. In an article from MTV RapFix Nate Dogg's career is discussed. Nate Dogg is regarded as one of the greatest pioneers of rap music, using his gospel background to influence his work. Like the passing of Michael Jackson, Nate Dogg's death can have a serious impact on the revenue of the record labels who own royalties on Dogg's songs. Since Nate Dogg has been out of the main stream for a while his music was probably not on many rap music fans minds but with the sudden death his record sales will probably see a huge increase for a period of time. All of the extra publicity although it sadly is about his death will actually bring his family and what ever label he is a part of a lot of extra revenue. Rest In Peace Nate Dogg.


  1. This time of publicity happens all the time. People tend to take bad situations and make them a positive thing. A lot of money is usually profitted when a bad thing occurs.

  2. I completely bagree with Zach. The same thing happened with Michael Jackson. When he passed his numbers exploded on iTunes. I'm sure that for a short period of time Nate Dogg will see a sharp increase in the number of downloads for his music on iTunes.

  3. Although the passing of Nate Dogg has been harsh in the rap community, you can only expect to see his sales sky rocket. Like Curt said, his numbers have already gone up on iTunes and should stay there for some while. Rest in peace Nate Dogg but his death will only bring more prosperity to his family in the years to come.